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9th Grade Students & Families

Welcome Freshmen!

This page contains information that is prevalent for incoming 9th graders and their families.  Check back frequently for news and updated information.  We have added an FAQ section at the request of parents of incoming freshmen.  


What is a block schedule?

Canfield High School utilizes a 4X4 block schedule.  The schedule allows students to focus rigorously on a smaller number of courses each semester and allows for increased depth and continuity in daily instructional delivery.

Sample First Semester Schedule

Block 1 Geometry  (86 minutes)
Block 2 English 9 (86 Minutes)
Block 3 Spanish 1 (86 Minutes)
Block 4 Physical Science (86 minutes)

At Canfield High School there are also classes that we call skinnies.  These are 41-minute courses that fit within the academic day in a traditional 8 period day outline that fits within the block schedule.  Skinnies can be semester-long or year-long.  In the following table, skinny classes are yellow and block classes are green.

Block 1 Period 1 Geometry 
  Period 2 Geometry
Block 2 Period 3 English 9
  Period 4 English 9
Block 3 Period 5 Computer Productivity
  Period 6 Physical Education
Block 4 Period 7 Band
  Period 8 Band Sectionals


Is tutoring available and how do we gain access to it?

NHS tutors are available and information can be acquired in the guidance office.  Students are always encouraged to seek out additional support from their scheduled teachers when they are in need of guidance.

How do I get ACT information and when should I take it?

Guidance counselors are a great point of contact regarding the ACT.  These tests are required for admittance to most universities and college credit plus courses.  When to take the ACT depends in large on the individual aspirations of the student.  More information can be found on the ACT student and parent site or through your respective guidance counselor.

What is College Credit Plus?

Click here for the College Credit Plus information page.  This is another area in which guidance counselors can provide assistance.

What is NHS?

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is a National Service Honorary recognizing students who have excelled not only academically but who also display excellence in leadership, character, and service. You apply for membership midway through your junior year; however, there are several requirements that need to be fulfilled each year. Students choosing to be considered for membership do so with the understanding that they will be obligated to participate actively in service/projects, should they be selected into membership.  More information can be found here.

What are clubs, when do they begin, and can anyone just show up?

Canfield High School has many clubs and service organizations.  The majority of them are open to all students and informational meetings will be held early in the school year.  Click here for more information.